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Apple / Mac / Imac / Macbook / Mac Mini / MacPro / Mac Server / Ipad / Iphone / Ipad / TimeCapsule / Time Machine / Macintosh device is that uses integrated circuit assemblies as hdd/ssd/memory chip to store data persistently. Most Apple/mac computer use complicated controller technology to extend the reliability and speed of storage. The architecture inside a high performance hard disk/ssd/chip is more complicated than that in most data systems. This technology is changing quickly, and we are one of the few companies in the world, efficient inthe ability to work with these very complex types of electronics with tiny components and specific compact types of Apple,Macintosh, PC.

When you cannot access the data on your apple device, you need an expert mac specialized Engineer’sopinion who knows the complex architecture of the format to know the exact problem affecting the device.Every apple computer recovery situation is unique.

The problems regarding the apple may be Board/ mac issue, hard disk / ssd / data chip /issue, PCB problems, problem with internal Firmware, etc. So the important point in apple data recovery is approaching an expert and efficient diagnosis of the device.

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