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Data Recovery Petaling Jaya | 100% Guarantee & Secure

Hard Disk Repair | Server | RAID | Computer | SSD | HDD

Smart Data Recovery Malaysia. We are specialized in Data Recovery. Data Transfer, Data Retrieve, Data Backup, Data Restore from any type of Damaged Storage. Nas, Server, Raid, Network Storage, SSD, Hdd, Hard Disk, External Hard Drive, Iphone, Ipad, Android, Dead/Water Damage Mobile Phone, SCSI, SAS, SATA, PATA, ATA, Ransomware, Apple, Mac, Laptop, Desktop, Computer, raid5, raid0, raid6, raid10, Tab. When data loss occurs, you need a company with the technology and skills required to successfully get your data back as quickly as possible. Smart Data Recovery Malaysia is the No.1 Data Recovery Company with Advanced Technology to perform correctly.

But, apart from that, SMART DATA RECOVERY Malaysia provides a 100% guaranteed successful recovery and if we are the first one to do the recovery process then we will give you complete satisfactory result. Smart Data Recovery Malaysia, We believe that only the best way to safe your valuable data. So we use only latest recovery technology and have the very expert team of technicians in this field

We can ensure that when performing the recovery procedure ,in hdd duplicat imaging ,Raid Build extracting and analyzing data, any other people may not have access to such confidential data of clients


Smart Data Recovery, Block-c-1st Floor - Office-2, Jalan Todak 4, Pusat Perniagaan Sunway, Seberang Jaya, 13700 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia +60174259228 +60197561641 Email:

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Computer / Laptop Data Recovery

USB Stick / Thumb Drive Recovery

Hard Disk Recovery petaling jaya

External Hard Disk Recovery

Hard Disk Repair petaling jaya

Mobil Phone Data Recovery

Apple / Mac Data Recovery

Server Data Recovery petaling jaya

Raid Data Recovery petaling jaya

Nas Storage Data Recovery

Lost/deleted/formated/memory card

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computer data recovery in Petaling Jaya
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